Idea Generation 

idea generation

Dynamic, creative workshops that turn Inspiring insights into Bright Ideas 

We're passionate about helping you to leverage your insights into tangible, actionable ideas that can add value and growth to your business. 
Discovering insights is only half the equation. Unless they're put into action, implemented or taken forward in some way, insights remain conceptual - possibly interesting, maybe even noteworthy - but not value-added. 
At Optima, our insights-into-action approach means we excel in leading your teams to springboard from the meaningful insights - into relevant ideas. Using tried-and-tested idea generation tools and some novel creative approaches too, we have led scores of teams in dozens of countries to create great ideas. 

'Trawl the wall' follow-up Idea-Mining Sessions increases the ROI for every ideation workshop. 

For every thousand ideas generated in an ideation session, generally 10 are selected to proceed to concept stage. This begs the question: isn't there value in exploring the other 990 ideas on the wall? 
In our experience, some great ideas are amongst those not selected. Whether they were judged to be ‘too out-there’, ‘too niche’, ‘too difficult to understand’, ‘not relevant for this challenge’ – or they were too conceptual to stand out amongst hundreds of other ideas – the result is, there are literally thousands of fledgling ideas hanging out on Post-it® notes or wasting away in output reports - instead of purposefully contributing to your brands and business. 
OPTIMA are passionate about championing idea nuggets and growing them until they’re strong enough to stand up and be counted. Our ‘Trawl the Wall’ for ideas offering does just that – we conduct a thorough review of all the ‘post-it note’ ideas and output from previous innovation and ideation sessions then we help you merge, grow, link, reduce, re-frame or combine ideas to fully optimise their potential. 
Not only can we help to fill the pipeline with even more value-added ideas, our Trawl the Wall service gives you a greater return on investment from every innovation session. 
Idea Generation
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